Being written not Already written..

Have you ever thought that you could be a character in some book,where your life is being watched over,created and some writer with a thick glasses, depending on his mood makes you cry,laugh and go through myriad of emotions existing in the dictionary of  the words of emotions.

When I actually ponder about it ,my response would be a screaming  yes and my story would be like a book long forgotten,placed in some dusty corner of the grand library,my author is one weird guy,he places me in such embarrassing situations and sometimes derives sadistic pleasures after making me go though a twister hurricane.I wish he was more considerate towards his characters,he could just get me all that I want and make my book everybody’s dream but NOO he wants his talent the right platform and meaning.He created my character when he was awaiting for results I guess,the anxiety I experience over tiny little issues kinda proves it and sometimes he experiences the writers block and just forgets me,leaving me hanging to the end of a rope!!waiting for him to write the next chapter.I also imagine him to be a funny guy,I end up in situations where I can’t stop laughing,holding up my guts and some other times where I am nothing more than a lazy log clinging to the end of the bed.What am I actually ?He forgot to precisely write my character ,my strengths,my weakness,my perspective ,my goals..its all a blurrrr.But one thing I realized was that I have to be a bit exciting,high-spirited and never-lose-hope kind of girl coz if once I start becoming boring,he would eventually kill me making the book get higher ratings.People call it fate,I call it a book in the process of writing and editing,its not already written it is in the tense of “being written”.So smile and be a charming person to your author,inspire him,change him to change your story and have a great ending coz we all want on thing for sure “a happy life”….

So to the author of my story!!!you have been quite creative,quiet humorous,quiet serious but let me see how well you write more of me.I want to be the character that you would always remember and a tiny tear dripping at the end of your eyes saying “She was the best I’ve ever written”.I may not bring you royals and trophies but I can connect well and make you smile!!:)


8 thoughts on “Being written not Already written..

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    truly a class imagination!!! nyc 1:) i too xpect d same..if sum1 sumwer could watch over me nd my lyf and pen it!! i would b truly happy:):)
    long way 2 go buddy:) atb:)

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    • brunda bru says:

      thanks knw i’ll be waiting like ..aish is there she;ll let me know how this post is:)love you:) someday when i get a chance i’ll sit and talk to u enough to write a book on u!!:)


  2. Ranju says:

    I have wondered. If I were a character in a book, how would the author describe me, my looks, character, the way I do things, my mannerisms etc.
    I like the part where you said ki he forgot to write about your character, strengths and weakness.
    The characters we read about don’t know what the author has written about them. They are living in the book right? So, you are living on Earth which is someone’s book. Those reading it know about you, except you. 😀

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  3. Hemangini says:

    that is most amazing idea I have come across today…. How wonderful it would be to be written in a novel by someone ❤

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