When reality and belief meets!!

Traveling to places is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.It doesn’t matter whether the place is 400 kms away or just 2 roads away making way to a park,well that’s not traveling but if I have company,be it my family or friends or a little alone time with my diseased camera.I’m sure of enjoying it.

If it is with family,it will be a combination of visiting temples and having funn in an amusement park,weirdly I stand right in the middle of being a pure atheist and a complete theist,common its confusing,so when I visit temples,I do feel the tranquility and peace at the same time exhausted due to standing in never ending slow paced queues,occasionally playing with the naughty kid.Later in front of the well lit Idol I pray my little prayer,that would be more of speaking to someone above I guess,I speak of

“you look good,all decorated,nice flowers!! “and give a smile to the Idol,sometimes I feel that I’m flirting with god,I swear I don’t know what to ask for but yes I do thank for everything…I’m lucky I always whisper.





And further a nudge from my mom reminds me to go for the aarti,I make sure that my hands go so near enough to have it blackened,its nice to wipe it of and draw patterns from it but then again the theertha,the best drink I’ve ever had.It instantly calms down the exhaustion and confusion.I look at god as if he were my friend and less of a threatner who will pull my sockets off if I sin!!

Then the three turns you take to (I don’t know why everybody does it,I conclude that it is the respect that we show him) and i always miss the count,by the time I take those rotations,either it will be two or four and my head would be slightly spinning and I bow down on the floor to both respect and ease my dizziness.Later I would get finding myself fallen at the feet of a random stranger who came in the way of me and the idol,I make a face and go for the kumkum and vibhuthi.They give a traditional touch and the the point int he forehead is scientifically proved to have been a very good acupressure point for calming and reducing the stress as well as concentrating.

All the rituals done,check.and the prasadam is waiting for me outside,again there is a queue!!but the prasasdam is the only thing that eases the frustration.No matter how filled I am but one single amount of prasadam is always more delicious than a feast.

I come out to find myself facing numerous beggars sitting on the path,some filled with despair,most of them homeless at a ripe old age,the poor kids forced into treacherous world of the evil society,they were malnutritioned.But there is always a thought that lingers in all of us,whether they are truly homeless,truly wretched or any other thoughts that strings us from being a helping hand.I turn towards the temple where the almighty is believed to reside.

“So what do you do exactly?you can do miracles..I’m not asking for them to be filthy rich but all i can ask for is a way to change the mindset of the society which definitely includes me too,I commit mistakes,yes but isn’t there a way out of this misery for the other than the expensive homas that the religious head always suggests!can’t you come over and just clean this mess…there’s nothing much to do!!just change the way we think”

I wait for an answer!!!


Nothing,again i wait!!


Nothing….then a little girl comes over with a book in hand,she doesn’t study ,she tears it and moved towards the queue for prasadam,she is handicapped and she crawls herself.I just interfere and stand in the queue in front of her,she scorns,I smile.I ask her to wait and I bring in two bowls of the puliyogre prasada to her,she relishes the taste.

I came back to my famly who was waiting for me near the entrance!!My mom smiled and I couldn’t do anything else,only a little help!!I forgot about the idol inside and contemplated!!I am capable of doing something to someone but there is always a hesitation of the risks involved but I think much into the topic….

I should have a purpose in life right!!what is it??

The answer to this mind-wrecking question would take time to pop up but until then I’ll take each day at a  time and do whatever I can.One good deed at a time:)



2 thoughts on “When reality and belief meets!!

  1. Ranju says:

    Haha! I can relate with that ‘You look good, all decorated’ thought. Sometimes, I have things to say. But sometimes, I just stand there like, “Hi! How you doing? Woah! You are glowing!” 😀
    I am in the same confused state as you are. But I must admit. There is a power that gives us so much tranquility in the temples.

    About the rotation or circum-ambulation, I will tell you the logic. You walk barefoot in the temple. There is so much of energy that emanates from the metals laid below the deity. When you go around it, you get this energy, plus the blood flow increases. That is what happens when you walk. The blood circulation heightens in your entire body.

    Then, you bow down as a sign of respect which actually is, letting the blood pump into your head. While walking, only so much of your body gets the flow. When you kneel down and do the sashtang pranam, the circulation is complete. Hope this helps 🙂

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    • brunda bru says:

      ofcourse it helps ranju:)thank god that I have company discussing about how the idol looks in a non-bhakti way:) thanks for the word “circum-ambulation”……I knew it had to do with blood circulation but also sometimes I ponder that nobody restricts the amount of time spent in a temple compared to anywhere outside..you have the freedom of the words to flow and thoughts to be more clearer:)

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