First poem selected for publishing:)

Hi everyone,I’m glad that one of my poems has been selected for publishing in the month of April 2015,it’s an honor and my first toddler step towards my dream.Thanks for the support and I’m very happy.The mail that I received is pasted below.

Published by Poetry First Publishing
International Division

Hi Brunda,

It’s my pleasure to let you know that “The Border” has been selected to be Published
in the APRIL issue of Contemporary Poetry Digest.
Your poem was selected as an Editor’s Choice selection, and I would like to extend my
congratulations for your writing achievement .
There is no cost to you to have your poem included in our upcoming issue, and as the Author
of your poem, you retain all rights and ownership rights to your work at all times.

The deadline for our upcoming issue is March 3rd, and I have put all the details for you
into your Author’s Publishing Letter , including the deadline, the press dates, and how to
reserve your Author’s books today.

You can reserve your Author’s Books here in your Author’s Publishing Letter
Be sure to reserve your Author’s books soon, as the APRIL Issue goes to press shortly.
Congratulations again, Brunda!
Alexandra Pierce, Editor
Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly


2 thoughts on “First poem selected for publishing:)

  1. Shehla says:

    Hi Brunda, Did you manage to get a copy of the publication with your poem. I received a similar one for Valentine’s day this year and am waiting for it. I even paid for it online. However, nothing seems to have come. Please share your experience with the publishers.


    • Brunda Sunil says:

      Actually I didn’t order for it given my circumstances Shehla and I don’t know about the authenticity as well. Though there was some people over the internet who have managed to get a copy of the publication.


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