Edge Of my Days-fiction

A bright sunny morning was shining happily contradictory to my morose emotions.I dragged my legs to the nearby shop to get my full-talktime plan recharged,the grocery owner seemed busy to the needs of the previous customers,each were politely reciting the grocery names that their spouses,mothers and kids had ordered them to get.My voice seemed like a squeaky  plea amidst the chaos.

“Recharge!!” my words were finally heard to the busy person,he gestured me to wait up and called his 11 yearn old daughter to recharge to my number.The little girl whose childhood I had seen gave me a smile and diligently completed the process and laid out her hands for money,I smiled at the intelligent girl envying slightly for being dumb all these years.

On my way back home I typed the contacts rather hesitantly,those were the contacts of every single person who played a prominent role in my life.All these years I was blinded by my ego and the thirst to become successful that I had shut them away from my life.

“What would they think if I call after all these years” I whispered to myself.

It was time,just a week before I had got the results for my continuous headaches,initially I had neglected it as to something associated with my workoholic lifestyle.Only later did I get to know that I was suffering from a fatal disease in its last stage,Brain tumor…I shivered just at the thought of it.So now I stood contemplating all my years of hard-word and years of distancing people away from me.

I had reached the elevator of my apartment,I pressed 10 failing to stand steady,I dropped on the floor,thankfully I was alone.Soon the lift stopped at the 5th floor,a little boy entered,he seemed to have a problem with his friends.I knew him and hence he narrated how badly he had wanted the remote-control car and how he had fought with his friends who were not allowed to even touch his expensive toy-car but now he missed all his friends.

I was in the same place as his,two of his friends were residing on my floor,as soon as we entered our floor,he ran to the two little kids of his age but they pushed him away but he never gave up and after 10 more minutes of unwavered pleas to let him play with them,they accepted him forgetting all the old fights,it was just a matter of 10 min of courage and nothing more.I gave a wry smile and entered the balcony of my apartment and stood on the edge of the wall,looking down,I sensed fear,fear of death which would embrace me but the freedom to feel the breeze was an amazing feeling too which gradually made me so engrossed in the breeze and the sense of fear disappeared,away from me.

By the time I jumped the wall back to the safe hands of my balcony floor,I had decided.There were too many lessons learnt today,I wouldn’t disclose the matter of my disease but instead I’m going to live,I’m going to forgive and ask for forgiveness,I knew it would make me feel free like the bird I was on the balcony wall,I would learn new things just like the 11 yer old girl from the shop,that would increase my confidence an hope to live more and the little guy outside I’m going to try my best to get whatever I had once possessed ,friends!!! My edge of life would always be more meaningful than my days all thee years, now that I know what I really want!!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend,an initiative for Indian bloggers by BlogAdda.


2 thoughts on “Edge Of my Days-fiction

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    gud 1:) yet again u did it!! bt nthn can stop u 4m getting d best…i would never say dis is ur best coz d best is stil yet 2 cum:):) atb buddy:)

    Liked by 1 person

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