childhood mischief-confessed

We are growing up too fast..aren’t we?The day just flips like the unwary breeze determined to reach its destination in the infinite journey,waiting for none,totally ignoring us,the humans who plead for the very chance to rewind the time and replay it in the best version that we would have acted upon,no matter what we do or how hard we pray,we are never going to get the precious time back..This is an age old sentence repeated and carried on in our genes from generation to generations!!Have we learnt anything??absolutely not!!Well thats the beauty of growing up,having our share of masti,mistakes and lessons to carry in the side-bag of experiences and occassional smiles depicting how well we grew up.

Remeniscing all those tiny little absurd things that i have done,soe so irrelevent that made me think Why on the world did I ever spent sleepless nights to come out of the problemless problem,yet again thats the beauty..So here goes a few of my childhood confessions that made me connect with the little me(I love her)

To Dear Mom,

-It was I who broke the thermometer that you had purchased to check my temperature,I was more intrigued about the mercury(the liquid metal trappd inside a tube) and replaced the empty broken meter safely inside the box but I did learn and enjoy how that metal disintegrated  into little balls and can be rolled over all over the floor…I really enjoyed it.

-It was I who made a bonfire out of all the matchsticks from the matchbox and lit it under the tap in the garden so that the fire could be put off just by opening the tap.

-It was I who cooked the rice without strapping the gasket inside the cooker cap and cooked the smoked black rice and had washed it diligently before you came from the function.

-It was I who had left the motor switch for a very long time and later blamed it on brijesh(my bro-apathbhandhava)

To daddy dear,

-It was I who broke the TV remote and it was definitely me who blamed you in front of mom.

-It was I who deliberately ripped off the slippers you had brought me,I hated it and I wanted a new one,so no nail tore my slipper.

-It was I who broke the porcelain coffee set that was mom’s favorite and still put the blame on you,either you never got know of it or just let me do it,thank you:)and in the list are many many things that I broke and you were blamed:)

-It was I who left the iron box switch on with the knob turned to jeans while pressing your valuable shirt,sorry it got burnt and thank god nothing else caught fire,thanks to mom.

To my little browie

-It was I who stealthily stole your stationary and had fun watching you search for it all over.

-It was i who made caught you red-handed while eating the ice-cream and chocolates from the fridge and later emptied the rest and made you get scoldings from mom,you knew it and still kept shut!!

There are many more such little incidents but these are a few which are visually embedded in my brain cells 🙂 I did enjoy these times a lott and if there are any childhood mischief s that you would like to share,feel free to do so..:)


4 thoughts on “childhood mischief-confessed

  1. dilip says:

    Ha ha child days are so much fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maria says:

    Hey…how come you blamed your Dad? and got away from it…so sad…anyway you were only a kid…it appears you had a lovely family who tolerated you inpite all this, so you are very lucky, the old little girl…

    Liked by 1 person

    • brunda bru says:

      haha..those are tiny things that I used to do and yes indeed,I have a lovely family:)and even today,I misplace smthing,my first word would be “ask dad” now everybody knws that it’s me!!my dad smiles!!


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