Addicted to friendship

I have this habit of writing letters,filling up the plain greeting cards with happy lunatic messages and yes ofcourse the poetry side of me dominates at the slightest inspiration and I mostly write to my friends who happily tolerate my acts.Amidst all these there is a friend of mine,not just a friend that would be an understatement,she is one supportive awesome girl who often reminds me of my mom.My mom is the greatest person I have known and over the years people with her attributes became my closest of the closest friends.This time I decided upon writing a personal post and this friend, whom I am talking about is kavya.While reading this she might raise an eye-brow and smile thinking that I’m the dumbest person on earth and she is right for I have never written anything for her and thrust her with a letter or  greeting,every other close friend else has a poem or a greeting per-se.

Writing about her is the toughest thing for me,she is that complex,wise and meticulously humorous girl who came to me as a gift of happiness and I thank my stars for giving me that rank in CET,for making me arriving late at the counseling hall where the engineering seats were being distributed,for my hasty selection of the random-near-to-home college and the course that was left for me.Today I feel all these were bound to happen,the college and the course had to find me and put me right where I belong.I was blessed to have got my B.E buddies and go along with them in perfect tandem.In the circle was kavya,she is dominant I have to say but that is necessary when you have to control me,she is determined like my mom,her determination is an inspiration and motivation for me to continue the blog posts,she knows I have varied interest and never once has she told me not to do a thing even though she knew that I would abide her words as she is mostly like my mom,her thoughts so different yet so ideal and she is not the always sacrificing one but she never leaves a chance for sacrificing for the ones who means everything to her,she is a sport with a slight initializing problem but once in the court ,she is the lead and the best player.She fights for her own and my rights too,she is my hero 🙂

It is with her that I have shared my weakness,my temper,my sarcasm,my clumsiness and the worthy secrets and crazy dreams,she is one of the main reasons for me to become what I am today along with a few others.She made me see the brighter side when I tunnelled myself up,she knew my appetite and planned the outing accordingly(i told you, my mom) Now she would be frustrated as i have used too many like my mom ,she yells at me convincing me that she doesn’t need a 22 year old as her daughter;) …Right now we are scattered yet that bond has never weakened,she is still the same and will be the same to me for a long long long time from now:) thank  you kavya for being my best buddy(she knows that I’m addicted to her) and my best psychiatrist,friends are always psychiatrist and that’s one universal truth!


4 thoughts on “Addicted to friendship

  1. Aishwarya Dc says:

    3 cheers 2 ua frndship bru:-):-) nd as always KAMB rocks:-):-):-)


  2. Ada Wiam says:

    Friendship is the best thing out there…. I, as well, am addicted to friendship. Lovely post?.

    Liked by 1 person

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