When the shore speaks…

Melodies unheard before,
The wind held my hand,
Through the chaos city lights
Into the calmness of the shore so far.

Afar amidst the jostle of the crowd,
Drawn to the jaunty waters
The orange sky of twilight stars,engulfed me
Into the mystic world of my sanctum.

The shore smiled at me with her roars
Nature herself being invigorate
And like a marionette,I drove
Into the sandy beach of wonders

In dismay i stood
Staring at the jetsam,wished I had
To stumble upon numerous beautiful shells,instead I was taken
Into the road of obstreperous left-overs.

No where was the shells nor the crabs that were promised
Instead bottles,left-over food and pieces of glass made up the shore
Worried and morose,the waters sounded,victims they were
In the world of ignorant,nasty humans.

Time it was for change,to clean,to breathe,
For us both,the waters and us,to live in harmony
A scavenging urchin brought a smile,lost he was
Into his world of scavenging…

I join him in his quest and so does a few others..The change was here…slowly!!!

Brunda Rajesh


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