Color code of white:)

The thought of the colours bring a splash of smile,a sense of serenity and love for our colourful dreams.What better way to enjoy the clours of life when holi is around.The festival of colors defined with laughs,colors,excitement and lotts of running.One could lose a few pounds playing this game for sure.The gleeful merging of colors of happiness and zeal.



Colors do speak IF you hear to them,just turn around and imagine that you live in a black and white world and yes ofcourse along with different shades of these both ranging from the least flattering grey to eye-blinding white. wouldn’t you hate it? Colors bring all this boring things to life as if its teh life source that slides down from the skies above to our world through the rainbow(we all know the scientific explanation for the formation of a rainbow,damn the physicist,nobody believes me!!) Yet it doesn’t hurt to explain that colors come from the sky as if trying to convey us something ,it speaks the language of all abstract nouns.We have often heard people say “i’m blue” which shakes hands for being low and depressed for no particular reason.So i ponder about the other less privileged colors that are not a part of our daily conversation.
Let me personify white into a woman and tell you the story of the colors.As white is a the boss here and completely made up of all the candy-crush colors like a woman with all different shades of hers which makes her the person she is.

Blue speaks for trust and honesty unlike the sentence above and yes with the range of the shades that just blue has got,it can be an instant hit anywhere defining royalty and the tranquil skies. The thoughts that white has got has the residence of trust that she keeps and honesty that she shows with absolute royalty in thoughts as clear as the placid waters.

Brown stands for authenticity,that originality in white’s attitude and character.The foremost thing in her check list and also brown brings in a warm feeling of coffee that makes you think that “a lot ca happen over coffee” indeed!

Yellow smiles of happiness and glee,that vibrant side of her which shows her courage and passion for the work she does spreading brightness in the dark dungeons of her world and this makes her look attractive.

Green diets up the love for nature,accepting things and finding happiness within the soul,white would love herself to be green when she wants to separate herself from the crowd and feel free. A color of talking with the creator.


Orange stands for an unknown luck to knock the door,the intuition of knowing something which definitely will be of positive vibe and success. White in her success shoes with an elegant thought of pride adorns this colour.

Red symbolizes to closeness,love and warmth that envelopes white in the feeling of secure,happiness and fear all together.She gives in for this color when the time is right and perfect. It is the color that’s makes her feel loved and cared the most.

Lavender or any other derivative is a very happy secret color of white. Its a personal secret that she keeps for herself ,enjoying the little instance of happiness all for herself ,t may be in the passion she pursues or a little dance that makes her smile while she’s alone a colour of love for herself

Black holds her love for power,the power of controlling things around her and also defines white as a lady with determination and high concentration.It is a colour for unbeatable!White respects the black in her always.

All these colours splashed together makes white! Being herself with all her shades makes her beautiful and charming. These colors of life are indeed messengers of happiness and peace in white’s life and in ours too.Like if you agree too..

This post is a part of  Write Over the Weekend,an initiative for the Indian Bloggers at BlogAdda.



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