The journey of the story

Choice of friends is an illusion.
It’s always friendship that chooses us,my friend.
I and you were a part of  the chosen destiny
I,a loner;you,a jovial.
Two distinct poles,thought to be apart
But then,the protagonists ought to meet
Little did we know
That we were already in a story.

The chapter begun,rather early,
With the franctic voices of our mothers
To pull up our ties and braid our hairs to wave us a kissing bye
I,the late-comer;you,the punctual.
Our mettalic cage of freedom embraced us
with our shoes tapping and pony tails swaying
Shining the synchronism we shared.
Little did we know
The story was ours to read.

We were bound by an invisible rope of trust
Both beaming with pride about the strong bond
Creating our own signature style of the customary handshake
A promise that was never made,but always kept,to stay together.
I,a weekly rogue;you,a saturday forgiver
Smiles and cries faithfully strengthning us
Little did we know
That this story would bring us out from our deepest fears.

The pouring rain,the chaos classrooms
The cage of freedom,the tiger and siezer
Witnessed your brave move and my silent gratitude
I,the lazy voice;you,the vocalist
Zen taught us a valuable lesson too.
The hi-fives,the rakhi’s and the gifts.
Little did we know
That the story had a twist.

A twist of bifurcating our paths,steppng into our own journeys
Moving apart from each other,made us to realize
What truth our story really hid.
As a token of remembrance,we each kept the traits of the other
You took a bit of my tardiness,a part of laziness,also part of the rogue in me
I took a piece of your boldness,your no-tears attitude and your warm smile
With this we both lived ,being apart,being near
Little did we know,
That the story would still live years,through our deeds and words.

Brunda Rajesh


This is a story of  role of friendship between two friends in a poetic version.It is about how both of have them were the true opposites who met in a school ,travelling in the school van(metallic cage of freedom) and finding themselves tangled in the norms of life narrated by one of them which is the reminiscence of all the events that took place as a reminder of the the fantastic journey they have lived until now.


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