I wish that my earth….

An evening walk after a mild shower of rain,kids playing about, unaware of the many big deals in life,the elderly hoping to see a better future through the little kids,their walking,their way and acceptance of life,the heart-warming petrichor.I felt that the world was perfect,the greenery,the smiles ,the different colourful species of birds and all other things,the children of nature.Then I walked back home passing poverty,chain snatchers,cries,wretched lives,inhuman behaviors only to realize that the world wasn’t perfect like I expected it to be and that lord Almighty did screw up in many places,maybe the hang-over of power does that to everyone,God is not an exception.

So what if I were given this power of re-building this home,my earth.I do know my place!I can’t create things out of thin air and imagining wouldn’t help either and the bitter truth is that there are no genies to grant me a wish either.Hence I study as to what lies in my hands,what little can i do to make this world a better place just like that little squirrel that helped lord Ram build the stone bridge in the stories.. I couldn’t do this alone hence i decided to ask for help.

After a few minutes with people from various walks of life I learnt many things,the different perspectives.If asked a cobbler,he would wish for more people,more shoes to be torn.A doctor would wish for people to fall ill.An engineer would wish for more problems in fact create some to re-construct it.Everyone laser focused on each one’s life.So there was long list that I would want my home to be like.

-I always believed good education would be the best gift to a child but I realized good education along with priced values like honesty,humanity counted the most too,hence the moral science period that we all had during schools,that 45 minutes of stories extended to all the subjects merging into the textbooks,teaching values would make us a better humans unlike the highly qualified people wanting more.

-Equality amongst the genders,be it male female or even transgender,We are all humans first later the differences which in fact is the beauty of nature,respecting other genders will never make you look vulnerable,it makes you a happy person from inside.This should be taught in every school.

-Every child should be instilled with confidence of winning and the hope of having a talent that can tap the resources to lead a better life,every child should have that courage to pursue their dreams,teachers play a major role here.

-Then the usage of resources,nature has provided enough for all the living things to survive but hail to us,humans,we are a greedy tribe,if we can’t share at least we should save….save the resources.Awareness to be spread through street shows and even in business meetings which check the industrial usage an wastage of te resources.

-corruption is running in our blood after all the centuries of living amidst it,lets admit it!!!and few others who try to wriggle free are often confronted with the ignorant speeches of “What can a single man do?” and the right answer to make them close their thoughts would be.all those who brought changes to the world were infact those single person,be it Obama or narendra modi if the present scenario is to be taken.and give talks and knowledge about it in the society.

-The theft ,the treachery,the murders..all this would end if the children are bought up well with values but dire poverty often renders the to choose illegal paths without their knowledge at a very young age instilling the rage,jealousy and hatredness in them.to change this mindset it would take another million years for us(this is where god screwed up,he made us change-resistant and filled us with ego)

Hence a little change that i would wish for would be…If a person hurts another person who is innocent,then the attacker gets hurt twice,always,it should be universal.applying for the robberies,corruption and so on…hurt should be dealt with hurt automatically so as to stop this insane chain-reaction.

Then our world be a place with happier times and nicer people,this is all that I would wish for and also work towards it as it’s in our hands.There’s a saying ‘lets think and dream about it,it will happen one day cause the universe runs on our beliefs more”.




3 thoughts on “I wish that my earth….

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    gud thought:):) each individual shuld implement dis,1st in himself nd next in his upcoming generations:):)


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