My diary encourages..always..!!

An old diary with folded edges and a rusty glam look always settles down the dust of confusion and anxiety in me,those fanatic scribblings,the ignorance of my plain neat handwriting going all clawed up,my ideas however great or stupid it might seem,jotted in bulletins made me realize my love for the gather of words,ideas and how much Ilove to participate in debates and stage-speaks.The best part was that …………Image result for diary picturesIt never was about winning for me,rather it was about the the fun and a sense of peace and smile that prevailed after the event,this taught me the power of enjoying the work I do.Yes,there were times when I was called upon the stage and I went totally blank on the topic,the lights blinded me instead of showing the path,there were times when my fear out-maneuvered my enthusiasm at certain things that I loved.Accepting all those flaws and still being happy about myself is my priced possession,as I put it!!!Even though I blabber irrelevant things at some timings,I have never ,ever regretted about my foolish act nor have I spent nights thinking of ways to change that situation in my mind,over and over again(I used to do that a lot during my teen days). As all my life it was the fear of standing up or being myself in front of the crowd that always pulled me down and the only way to show that fear an exit door was to embrace it and hell yeah,it worked for me,in-spite of my imperfect speeches and ill-weaved words during the debates or presentations,it was my dream to pursue that held me throughout and the diary that I read brought back all those crazy confident moments and boasted my essence as to why I’m actually living for.It is for the books,vocabulary,writing and for the happiness of my loved ones and yes food falls into the important category too ,that helps me go on,no matter how time presents itself to me.I try to face the jerk time with a smile and of-course a tinge of fear and cries(i’m a mere human) and the time that behaves,with laughter and dance.


2 thoughts on “My diary encourages..always..!!

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    words r just beautiful:):) m admiring it:) nd proud dat i hav read 1 of ua diaries:):):) gr8 job buddy:)) keep going:):)..

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