The Border…

Staring at the fence,I sit in bone-chilling cold;
Invincible yet a strong line separates the millions,The Border.
At the far end I felt a reflection,that of mine,
He stared and so did I,at our plights over the wrong ethics.
Cold I was,so was he,in our respective military uniforms.

Belonging to different nations,we stood with coloured flags
We differed in everything except human emotions and blood.I sighed.
Days taunted me when I had a morsel and he didn’t,
Dragged were the days with melancholy of family memories,
Tearful I was,so was he,soldiers we were of our respective countries.

Seasons threw a tantrum,icicles,stones and storm had their share of our healths
Determined it was to kill,more determined I was to live
If wars and weather could kill me,its just once;
But if wrong ethics battled,it always triumphs killing million times my soul
Brutal and cold he was,so was I,but we were warm with emotions wrapped and forgotten deep inside.

Arrived the fateful day,when we knew each other,
Of the days we wept,of the days we survived a bad storm,
Of the days we shared,gruesome lonely days staring at the meaningless borders;
Today rifles pointed at one another,each on each border
Morose I was,so was he,patriotism smiled.

Hesitation with the rifle could kill us,yet we hesitated;
Patriotic we both were,but war wouldn’t prove that
An order from respective superiors,drenched in corruption
Fired were the bullets into our hearts,we smiled beyond the borders
That atleast a bullet was shared if not a morsel of peace and love.

Death united people if people divided people…..


This is a poem on how a soldier at the border,all alone except for a few brutal visitors like hunger,wrath of the weather and the fear for the war feels like.It also describes as to how he see’s himself in the fellow soldier across the border facing the same dire situation as his.In the name of politics and greed ,the borders were created and people like him,the brave soldiers are brutally killed in the name of war.Patriotism is in the soldiers blood but it also questions the very requirement of the war.Both the soldiers share the same perspective but at the end when the war descends,they nod to their superiors and fire at each other killing and sharing a bullet that takes life ,during his death the soldier realizes the death’s equality and wishes for a better mindset and thinking of the society built on trust ,peace,friendship and love.


4 thoughts on “The Border…

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    an eminent work:):)..keep going:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AISHWARYA DC says:

    lol ya..anything 4 u:):) nd who will nt lyk such amazing piece of work??/ hats off 2 u buddy:):)


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