True little things matter most…

I smiled peacefully as I entered the feisty evening gathering arranged by my long lost childhood friends,it had been 10 long years since we  started acknowledging each other virtually,since we all had scattered to different parts of the world embracing and living the new life bestowed on each of us.I was going to love this evening,I mentally celebrated.Eleven of us had bowed to the warm embrace of friendship years ago,some of us were married now,some of us making a great career,many things had changed over the years which was evident from the social media updates each of us got.I eyed them from under my glasses,all of us were hesitant,no one knew how to start nor how to get into the conversation,we knew each other for ten years only through Facebook and twitter.I smiled meekly and started with the childhood memories,those happy carefree zone that we had lived enthusiastically,my conversation ,time and again interrupted by wassup messages to the smartphones present in each of our hands and so the story takes another conversation,individual private messages flying in the air reaching out to faceless unknown people whom we have befriended virtually and soon engross in the interrupted talks,casual smiles feigned to reduce the awkwardness and fervently searching for random topics to talk to reduce the communication gap.All the hopes for an amazing evening shattered like pieces of glass at our hopeless plight.I had always respected and accepted technology,when the social media began entering my life through the chat rooms,then the orkut,facebook,twitter and wassup they dominated,becoming more precious than one’s emotions.The web had its amazing magic spell on all of us and henceforth there there was no turning back,my introvert friends had 800 and odd friends,god knows how!We humans took communication to another level befriending the fast paced technology,the cellphones transformed into smartphones and tablets,pets and other humans were brutally kicked out of our lives,death was happy to have found more preys,a hooded guy engrossed in his smartphone not smart enough to concentrate to cross the road properly!!He’s dead many times were we thought at school ?you first look to your right ,then left agsin right and then cross,those lessons went into drains today. We all have seen


boards with wordings in the traffic like “don’t drink and drive”,the next board would be “don’t wasup and drive,you would reach up directly and too quickly,like in quickr”.I sarcastically nodded at the conversation in my head.

“Where are you lost” I found a hand wave in front of my eyes,it was ash,my friend,she was giggling at my absence.yes i had left with no other choice rather than to stare at infinity and think.I gave a wry smile after a small talk and she was back tending to her phone,she would have ignored her child by now if she had one but never her phone,damn the generation of technology.Everytime I think technology has moved three steps forward ,I find human race lagging by two steps when it comes to actual communications and feelings.Yes i agree to the ease and portability of the social media in cell phones,it does help a lot but at the same time I find myself lost in an strangely unfamiliar maze of technology and electronics where finding myself would be just a distant dream.


I love you smartphone but i love myself more,so you are limited in my life and i insisted on switching off  all their expensive soul mates and look into the soul of our friendship and the funn that we had all those years,thankfully I was heard and I had the best time after that with my besties from school,the web only took a few hours of our time but social media in phones took half of our life,missing the view from our natural perspective and knowing the true little things that matter in life.I love the good old days.

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One thought on “True little things matter most…

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    arey yaar!! sounds lyk it suits me a bit:p


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