Swarming Thoughts…

Concentration is a very unstable mind nucleic power that enhances an individual’s skill and caliber to excel.It controls the activities of our mind to obtain the most profitable result,there’s a course called as “operational research” that is a study of the best profitable path chosen amongst the other less profitable ones…it may be applied in business mostly and here to your mind.

This is not  a research paper my friends,but the topic rendered me into this approach.So back to concentration.It is the only power required to reach your goals successfully,there is something called as luck but do you know that you can also create it?When certain work is being done with lots of love and concentrations,it creates luck.

One may have heard of wonders of the world but a slight ponder to those great minds that created these wonders ought to be very powerful!The process requires lots of potions of miraculous thoughts,not only concentration but the building block of a living human brain might be pondered to be dissected and analysed.

Inside those great brains arise a random thought that peeps into the glorious future,that thought turns into an idea,ideas into vision,vision magnifies itself in your dreams and finally vision into a goal,after that will power dominates…..until here we all experience a force,a thought strong enough to pull our hearts this long BUT..then erupts the toughest part in history of mankind,can one sustain the dreams of glory and success,most of homo-sapiens has a terrible habit of quitting!All our minds goes though the step-by-step process of formation of a vision or a goal but only if we observe,we can unravel the truth but instead we chose to ignore , it’s not a mistake but a blunder.

So why does ignorance seem so tempting??

We are all aware of the answer, either we love being lazy or too terrified to stick on to our goals, visions and decisions. to realize your vision,your dream,one has to love that idea too much and update your skills of managing concentration, for some you have to teach your mind how to make it by focusing on the reward, and for some of us, the love for our passion is the only driving force to attain our goals.

Hence the biggest realization in my life is that whatever I do I should love it and enjoy or do the work that I love, but what do we like to do that is enough to love it?? a big conundrum!!!

Let me clarify one thing, we all are mere Homo sapiens and are scientifically proved to adapt to changes, you just have to decide because the whole universe is in your brain or you are a part of universe , hence we are capable of learning focusing, concentrating and lazing away our time. The choice is ours.We are the masters of our own destiny.


One thought on “Swarming Thoughts…

  1. AISHWARYA DC says:

    true bru:):) concentration and luv 2wards our work is wat makes us successful:) 4 a lazy person lyk me,i need 2 develop on des factors:p

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