The freezy click!

It was freezing cold,I could almost feel blood in my veins turning into icy cold immovable liquid. Tears started to swell up in my eyes only to be frozen by the time they came out,It was pitch dark and I was lost.This shouldn’t have ended up like this,I should have been around the bonfire by now,making merry with a few pegs and talks about my girlfriends,I was branded the best flirt of my class,the boy who can woo girls with only sweet talks,Yes that is me who is going to die mercilessly in the wrath and fury of the freezing cold weather .I was here along with my classmates,approximately 47 of them  to enjoy the scenic beauty of shimla as a part of the recreation trip that our college had organized.Everything would have been fine if my curiosity hadn’t taken much dominace in my head.Curiousity to see beyond and drift away from my trekking group demanded my life now.The cold was almost killing me,I was sitting under a tree,my phone battery had frozen and I couldn’t inform my batch-mates my exact location even when I had reached out to their phone the last time,that might have been an hour ago…my eyes were all droopy and my body was freezing at an exponential rate,I feared that my legs and arms might have  to be amputed  but the worst fear that haunted me was of death ,now I knew what an ass I was,I prayed fervently to GOD above, whom I miraculously started to believe in.I prayed for my forgiveness of flirting with many girls,leaving them heart-broken,abonding them,guilt was weighing more than me now.I bent down and touched the snow-covered earth begging for an another chance,a chance to redeem myself,a chance to undo all the foolish acts,a chance to ask forgiveness to all the pretty innocent girls whom I had dated,slowly my eyes started to close as I knew the end was near,I decided to surrender.

It had been only seconds but felt like hours after I had closed my eyes, a click stirred me up!a light at the far end ,somebody was clicking photographs??now?here?but I was happy to know of another existence other than me,I started to scream but words choked up in my throat.but then I managed a hi,help from my dry cold mouth.I felt the person’s arrival near me,I tried to make out who it was but then I fainted.

It was early morning when I opened my eyes again,I was in a cozy bed,inside a cozy cottage,with a  cup of steaming coffee beside me.I still felt sick but a lot lot beter..I heard footsteps nearing me,I gulped to know who it was,I owed that person a lot.

“,are you ok?” her voice was chiming bells,she stood there near my bed with a camera,well a proffessional camera.

I braved up a smile which I think would have come out lame!!

She was amruta,the silent nerdy plain looking girl of my class,I had never even considered her to be pretty enough for me to date but thank god at least she was saved ,I could see her brilliant smile now,her warm gesture to drink my coffe,everything about her made me realize that she was the one for me,she was the girl whose hands  that I once hold never to leave till i die,i knew death from a close view now and I knew I had decided..later I realized that I was with my batchmates and she had found me accidentally while photographing the nature in the nightscene of the dark hills,she had already informed the faculty about her location and went down all by herself into the wild for her passion,she was terrific and adventurous.Such a presice thought and curiosity well implemented without getting killed,she was awesome

“we-fie??” I meekly asked her!she chuckled and clicked a photo along with me!! but she never trusted me…well why should she?She was perfect,topper,passionate and never believed in stupid things like love,and knew my play-boy shade,but then I was adament enough , it took me almost four long years to get an yes from her just for a cup of coffee with me,she liked her coffee cold,mine steaming hot but we paired up.Today we took a groupie of our family,me with my gorgeous intelligent wife and two sons,whom I lecture everyday never to hurt another girl and end up almost dead in the middle of the forest,well that was how I met my better-half though!!Another click,another click till I got a perfect picture to hang in our living room.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

And I did win the badge for this weekend ..:)feeling nice:)so this is the badge that i’m supposed to flaunt!!



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    a class 1:)

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