My mom’s way of thinking is what I badly want to inherit!

My MOM,she is the first pperson who comes to mind when i think of amazing people,she tried and still tries her best to make my life a cake walk.One fine evening I wanted to listen to her , her story,her journey.

Age never matters for perfection:)

This lady who is 20 years older to me has such an enthusiasm,her thinking so vivid and broad-minded,she could be a youth icon,never mind her age, her mind is so very young.Like her peers 20 years back she nodded to an arranged marriage with my daddy buddy ofcourse!She, from a well-settled family residing in a city.He,a young hard-working lad from a village, held hands in holy matrimony! She then narrated her or’s of either being a married slave or leave the house taunt from her in-laws,adjusting to a village of such backwardness,she was forced to live her poor life.Then she went for her and’s,she was quite educated enough to take tuitions to kids that brought her the confidence to share my dad’s responsibilities,she was skilled enough to toil with my dad in his mechanical workshops,determined she was to raise us in a dignified manner fought with the society to educate me and accept the girl me,She also started tailoring and painting,she wanted to be an all-rounder,none could point at her,she had raised above mediocrity and the glorious future awaited her.She embraced computers, electronic gadgets of this era,she does her power yoga,keeps herself fit and what not.This lady is an epitome of energy.Now i realized that my mother is a lady of high standards,high thoughts,high ambitions,inspirations,confidence and positive influence around her.She is the person I want to be,she just completed her mission.She is my role-model and she is awesome:)

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3 thoughts on “My mom’s way of thinking is what I badly want to inherit!

  1. Deboshree says:

    She sure sounds awesome! Cheers to the lovely post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AISHWARYA DC says:

    d finest 1 so far:):)…aunt is truly amazing and has always been my guide nd a gud friend..ty bru 4 dis lovely post:)

    Liked by 1 person

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