We are lucky but what about them?

“A caged bird thinks of flying as a disease”
The quote raghu had heard a few days back
While serving tea to the fun collegiates
He gave a wry smile at the thought,even at a tender age of 7
Knowing what exactly it meant,his life the perfect example
They are lucky,he sighed at the collage sudents.

“Respect your elders”,rani’s landlord twisted her ears,
She squinted,teary eyed and frazzled,looked at her employer,
Who by now sat in a exotic car and drove away with profit.
Profit! gained from making her slog for hours,
To brighten others life, subjugating the lot into darkness
The lot were her friends,some deaf,some blind,she handicapped
From working in a cracker factory,
Respect?She sighed,your kids are lucky.

9,10 a big fat hen…the kid swayed his legs and happily recited
Rafeek bore his curious eyes at the happy kid,
‘Dugh’ came a hard blow on his head to concentrate,
Back to butchering the hen,which lay dead in his hands.
At the age of nine,he should have known the rhymes.
“you are lucky”,he sighed at the little kid.

Bewildered we all are, at the atrocities that still rule the world
Still we prefer to stay numb,reasons many to stay away
There are many,raghu’s,rani’s and rafeek’s
Sighing daily at the lucks they were bestowed with.
“CHILD LABOUR” thats what it is.
Breeding cozily in the warm shelter of poverty
Submissive though,the children still envisage of a good life
That should make the lucky us to be their mascots.

Brunda Rajesh


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