WOW-Its all in your mind!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggersby BlogAdda.

A cyclic approach,year after year,reminiscence of all that has happened in the past with a tinge of fear for the future,a new year yet again embraces us with mid-night cakes,phone calls for our loved ones,unlimited watsaapp videos circulating in millions of cellphones.this exactly feels like the arrival of the most awaited guest of the year-The end of the year,the beginning of new year-2015,you throw away the old diaries which has 2014 written on every page,we often commit mistakes of 201415..So yet a year of never-fulfilled resolutions and so on ,there is a never-ending list of do’s and dont’s!!!isn’t it?

But don’t you all feel that the new year ‘s air sets in only for a few days and then we are back to our own lazy selves abonding all the resolutions,back to robotic work and as well as robotic parties,so do WE NEED A SENSE OF NEW YEAR TO BRING NEW CHANGES IN US??I would vote for NO..because every moment that we live changes by every passing second,every passing minute and based on a study a person changes the way he thinks every 6 minutes,So ultimately its all in our mind,our mind is so powerful enough to create amazing things and yet so foolish enough to be a victim of the inception of new,once in a year concepts,a tiny little change in the way we think,like waking up a minute earlier or calling up your grandparents to wish them a new years eve or thanking your mom for what she does…these tiny things can bring a smile on your close ones faces,that gives you more happiness compared to partying all night,you should bifurcate between the real happiness and the happiness you go in search this new year Why don’t you change yourself 1% so that you can live a better life,bring smiles on people’s faces,play with the street dog that is forbidden to have fun,so do something new,every year,every hour,every minute,every second to make your life worthwhile and be proud of it once you take a look at the past and try this new thing too,don’t measure your time  with clocks and calendar,measure it with the work you do and happiness that you derive from them .

So wishing everyone out there a happy new year/a happy new thoughts for every new hour,every new second you live your life.


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