The Peshawar girl!

Bruised all over,questioning her existence

She whispered,sobbing at her plight of drenched in blood

Was she dead or was this hell?

In hell,on earth she had witnessed pure evil.

Evil ,that triumphed winning over the fragile

Today she killed her hope.

The chaos around made her move

But a force strong as gravity stopped her

The force was the bodies of her classmates awkwardly thrown over her

She choked as the strong corpse stink reached her senses

Twitched,tear-eyed and frazzled she tried to see beyond

Today she killed her happiness for life.

Life was just a lie

For she saw her dead friends who had smiled this morning

Vortex of emotions bursting through the young soul

She wanted to scream to the chaos outside

That was still alive

Coz today she wanted to be heard.

Reminiscence of the day’s evil atrocities,

Gunned men barging into her peaceful classroom

Peace was brutally murdered in the name of faith

These memories would haunt her for life

Not letting her to live,not letting her to die,

Today she wanted to lose her mind.

“A girl is still alive” a distant voice spoke

As she felt someone pulling her from the bloody pile

Red and blood would frighten her to death from now on

She decided to choose, to live

Like a lame living corpse

Today her life and smile would be buried somewhere deep within never to be awakened.

                                                                                                                                                                Brunda Rajesh


4 thoughts on “The Peshawar girl!

  1. so many girls like her are suffering all over the world! plight of some are told, rest go unheard!


    • brunda bru says:

      Yes i do agree @sharmishtha Basu,my very first poem ‘souless soul’ is about one such women in an entirely different circumstance,To bring about a change in such unfortunate lives is one tuff move.


  2. Ranju says:

    Very true. Her smile would be buried deep. You have echoed her pains really well.


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