My quotes, motivating me!!

There are times when I’m all low,the reasons may be many,both trivial and major turns in life,moving away from anything that is close to normalcy makes me go haywire…then these are the few quotes that I  write down to pull myself up from a deep abyss.These inspirational quotes puts me on track,every word is weaved into beautiful sentences binding in my very own feelings and a soup of emotions.

1] Giving up your dreams is like giving the reign of your life to others definition of YOU,so rise and live your dreams.

2]There is always a voice inside your mind that says to trust it,when it does,TRUST it.

3]Follow your passion however imperfect you are at it coz it can change your life and make you gasp in wonderment.

4]Don’t ever let anybody else to define you,only you have that power,but don’t be too judgemental or critical about it,just love the way you are.

5] Bring changes in your life to be a better person not an entirely changed person giving up your soul character.

6]All my life I’ve never given up or ran away from circumstances,so why now?(this one helps me a lot to face my problems)

7]Time is precious,but when you want to utilise it,never measure time with a clock,measure it with your work.

8]happiness is not my destination but is a definitely the path which I chose with conditions that proclaims that sadness would also be my partner!!


2 thoughts on “My quotes, motivating me!!

  1. Ranju says:

    That voice is something we always doubt. And to trust it, is very difficult. Lovely quotes. I liked the 2 in particular.


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