The Path!

Tenacious enough,her will

To find the existence of higher power

After long years of being a true atheist.

She now decided to roam amidst the path of the rich

There,she found,a few kind-hearted souls

Yet a few more into never ending greed for more

Only to find out,those riches

Never made the filthy rich happy.

Hoping to find the lost power in her

The miracle of her being saved from a fatal accident

Her search meandered into another path

The path filled with hunger and poverty

There,she found, a few frolicsome souls

Yet a few more concealing themselves into petinent paths

Only to find that ,their hunger

Never made them to pause and be truly happy.

But yet again with a new zeal,she took another path

A path where good and evil dominated,In it to find the theist in her

Often stumbling the paths of riches and pebbles

Bewildered to find both good and evil

In both the divided communities

Only to find it more confusing

confusing enough to believe

Not to find the higher power in the pathless path

Defeated,she closed her eyes

and opened them into the path of a new perspective

Looked into the very soul of herself

there she could find both rich and poor in her health

There she could find both good and evil in her thoughts

Residing in harmony

Covering each other up,

Where was god in all these?

This path was claerer than the rest

She walked all the paths ever taken,again.

Fantazised to find miracles everywhere

In the thoughts of good and wise people

In the homes of rich hearts

In the smiles and cries of new borns

Miracles she found,no man can ever do.

Miracles,a few that she could make out

A few more,demanding it’s distance

Somewhere deep down,bowing to the nature’s law

The cycle of life and death

Mysteries and miseries were always a part of the unsolvable puzzle

She now knew that her God never existed within the dim walls

But in the hearts and thoughts of everything in the cosmos world

Who now claimed the peace in her.

Brunda Rajesh


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