Don’t you cry!!

Don’t you cry,you little heart

Coz he’s still watching over you.

Yes,he was an amazing soul,

A father whom you have always counted upon.

Yes,he was the greatest person in your life

The one who filled your day with zest and pride.

He was everything you wanted him to be,

And just because he’s away,to an unknown certainty;

Doesn’t break the rule of you being happy.


Don’t you cry,you ,the kind-hearted,

Coz he’s still protecting you from behind the clouds

Yes,he enjoyed your very first little steps,

Being a little kid all the while himself.

Yes,he came to your school to drop you off,

All the while, livng his childhood again.

He was your ‘big’ friend when you were the little you,

And just because he’s away, a little far

Doesn’t break the rule of you living with a smile that he loved.


Don’t you cry,you the loyal one

Coz he still loves you

Yes,he was eager to know about all your decisions

For he wanted you to grow.

Yes,he was your best guide,

Guiding you,while you were lost in vortex of confusions.

He was the role-model,you always looked up to

And just because he’s away,out in the eden,

Doesn’t break the rules of you living the life he dreamt for you.


Don’t you cry,you,his favorite;

Coz he’s already seen your future and is making plans for your safety

Yes,he saw to your priorities first,

Meanwhile standing as your best support.

Yes,he was the BEST,

Showering the best of his wishes and blessings upon you.

Now he’s got the designation of your Guardian angel.

So fear not and let the ambiguity go,to accept him

Being merged to your soul,forever

And just because he’s away, a little far doesn’t break the rules of you sleeping with beautiful dreams and the smile of hope …….coz he’s still watching over you,smiling when you smile,laughing when you laugh and morose when you are sad….your decision awaits…


2 thoughts on “Don’t you cry!!

  1. AIshwarya DC says:

    Makes me cry everytime I go through dis post…but trust me dis is d most heart touching post 4 me…

    Liked by 1 person

    • brunda bru says:

      Ayyo aish!!I wrote that solely for you dear and don’t you cry!!I love you, we all do and so does he,you just can’t see but then haven’t you felt it in your life as a beautiful blessing,his blessing every single day!


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