If not now,then when?

His hands folded into a prayer,i need an answer..

The sailor looked up to the skies,pleading,

Show me a miracle!

And prove your worth to me

He screamed,suffocating his tears in his bleeding heart

Take my life,let them live,

And let my girl sail..

He looked at the kid’s playful laughs onboard

succumbed at the truth about Darkness of death waiting for them

He sighed,for he knew a secret that none knew

The girl whom he sailed for 30 years

Was injured,hit by a rock below and along with her

500 lives at stake,would sink into the unknown depth of the vast sea

Take my life,let them live,

And let my girl sail..

A newly wed couple smiled at him

Spreading their happiness of starting a new journey together

Little do they know that their journey is short-lived

He cringed,show me a miracle!

Cause thats what you can do now,don’t put on a deaf ear..

The failed sailor demanded,

Take my life,let them live

And let my girl sail..

He touched the old wood

And the rusted iron of his girl

Don’t let me down now,

I need you and my family back home

Needs me,but these souls need to live,

Girl..hang on and sail..

he hugged her dreched pillar and cried,an hour left

For his girl to become one of the sea,another titanic,he sighed..

If not now,then when?he cried out loud

when every little happiness on this ship

turns into a graveyard of death?

Let the kids live,they have to,

let the men and women live,to go back to their loved ones on shore

let the old couple live a long life and die on their soft beds,asleep

Take my life,let them live

And let my girl sail..

A sharp pain grabbed his heart

His breath fighting to stay,to go

His nerves cringing for any blood to flow

He held his chest and hit the floor

His blue lips kissed his girl and smiled

She didn’t let him down and sailed

Before she could sink and hit the unknown land

The man above ,took his life

Let them live and let his girl finish her last sail..

The miracle that he never saw and nobody knew was thus buried in her….

Brunda Rajesh


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