A silent day with only the breeze attesting its existence , a pleasant shift to the days that past me silently hosting in my shadow ….the memories that- makes me,the decisions I made -judging me ,those little embarrassments that -strengthened me and the whole journey of me becoming a new person with every situation i tripped over, comes with the realization that yes i have changed,changed along with the time….

Those years totally unaware of the social was just me ..i bet all the kids of my generation agree to this and the only priority we had, was to get back home  and play and yeah cartoons of those days wasn’t just “chota bheem” it was a variety of magnificent shows like “tom and jerry”,”the popoye show” and the “road runner” a few of my favorites…back then it was just about broken pencils,lost erasers , undone home-works, last moment parents signatures in the diaries ,the dusty shoes and the ink stain art…those friendships were genuine,the fights were too,..back then i didn’t have to think and was just a carefree world..

Now everything’s not the same… as the care free zone is always embedded in our own minds and yet i have enjoyed each and every phase of life until now and i respect the course that i’ve been taken,every decision i made,no regrets prevail..every laugh had it’s honor and every drop of tear is justified….new fear erupt everyday but so does the new strength,so does the new belief and confidence in changing for good…i learnt that i should change for a better me with my original me still intact……….


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