It’s again a new day,new reasons to smile,new perspective to the old crappy sad things to cry about and yet i feel i’m lost amidst the numerous duties and the never-ending list of brain talks.It’s not everyday that i come up with sloppy reasons to “not like ” everything but yes as of now i’m tired,i’m lost,i’m crabby too…

But just a moment of silence,a moment to track my breathe puts satisfied smile,i love the days when i wake up with a smile on my face and wishing a good morning to the sunny morning itself and then the routine of being alive starts and at the end of the day a cheers for surviving is made with the clink of the steel glasses full of water,that’s my way of actually celebrating a day with my brother..enacting tiny stupid things right out from movies or any other media and then a laughter of succeeding in the childish act…

Then at nightfall,with the stars and other celestial bodies seem like keeping an eye on the human world eagerly ready to report to whoever above them about the whereabouts of the tiny little humans in the play. At one end i see my pillow eagerly waiting for a hug from me and totally ready to relax me and at the other end that fist sized brain with 1 negative thought to ruin my positive brain…..

At the end of the day ALL THAT REMAINS are the good deeds i did, little lessons learnt in the crappiest ways possible from the day, an whole-hearted acceptance to the lucky life i’m bestowed with and an adventurous trip down the dreamy land of the sixth sense…

With a little fear,a little confusion and a tiny little expectation i wait for the unseen future to unravel……………….


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